C o n f u s e d

Who am I?

Am I still worthy to live?

Am I still worthy to love?

Am I still worthy to keep?









I am surrounded with everyone I need.

I am given with everything I need.

But at the end of the day, why do I still feel alone?

. . .

This time I’m writing this, I’m in the middle of my depressing moment. I feel so down.

I got angry with my brothers for small reasons.

Andrei got the chicken skin first during our lunch, I got angry.

I am in mixed emotions. I feel so hurt and hatred so I chose to stay in my bedroom after washing the dishes…

After my chore, I went to my room and frustratingly and I saw that Denxell used my room and especially my bed for his pillows products.

Gaaaahddd! My patience!!!

I wanted to lay on my bed and do my peace of mind habit but there… the huge giant u pillows are taking my place. Ugh!

I couldn’t take my “inis” so I pm-ed Denx.

. . .

Hayssst! This is all because of that fuckin thesis!


Sorry fam!


To be honest, the reason of my not in good mood today because I’m on my deadline period but I’m still on floor plan!

–wow, april 1, 2017–






Life is free.

Life is flexible.

Life has a continuous cycle.

Life has beginning and end.

Life produces happiness.

Life proves the power and fruit of love.

Life is beautiful.

Life is amazingly perfect.

Life is incomparable.

Life writes stories.

Life creates everything.

But Life is a one time circumstance.

Life could never be repeated again.

Life could never be corrected.

Life is an ongoing gamble.




Life is a regret if one doesn’t fulfill it.




I might be a perfect person in the eyes of other people, but on my own I’m not.

I have regrets in my life. So many, indeed.

I don’t know why.

But every time I look back on the reasons, I don’t know but I always fall on blaming other people when the choice and act is mine.

I don’t know what really hinders me to do what I want and need to do out of my comfort zone.

I almost waste my life on thinking and thinking.

I waste my life on not putting all those thinking into performing.

I really wanted to go but I feel like there’s an imaginary string that pulls me back.




While writing this, I am doing my research paper on the Family Code of the Philippines.

I couldn’t get rid off thinking again.

Until the person of my father came into my mind.




In my college years up to now that I’m almost graduating, this would be my first time to express that my life revolves around the fact that I just want to impress my father.

But why am I hurting? Isn’t it the real role of the children?

My father provides everything I need. Just NEEDS.

And HIS wants, perhaps.

But it’s not right to blame him.

I’m hurting and I don’t know why.

I really want to tell him that and ask him why does he thinks so?




I don’t know why I’m so affected with my father.

Yeah, I admit that I want a father who is so loving and close to his daughter like the usual.

I envy those “mag-ama” that have tight father-daughter relationship.

Am I demanding?

Who the hell invented that king and princess like father-daughter bond?

Cause he or she sucks!

Didn’t he or she think that life is random?

That people are different from one another?




As I have read this Family Code, I am happy to know and agree that my father as husband and parent fulfills his role and responsibility to us.

But I don’t know why I still feel dissatisfied?

Why do I demand so much?

I feel that it’s not enough.




If only I could talk to you papa like this personal matters….

I would not regret what I am regretting in my life now.

Fulfilling that works to hear you again say, “Hindi sayang yung tuition!”

Yun na nga lang hinihintay ko marinig muli kahit na gusto ko sana….

“I’m proud of you! I really do!”




I want to act, I want to take steps to reach out to you but why do I feel like there’s wall around you.

It hurts me to think if the reason is still because you never had chance to experience on having a mother.

I understand the pain.

But how long will it take you to that zone?

How long am I going to wait?




When that time comes, I hope it’s not yet late.




For I could not afford to have the worst regret in my life anymore.


Tamang panahon or Hopia?

“Diba nagpromise ka sa kanila, tutulungan kitang matupad yun.”

“Hahaha. Pag nagkita tayo, kain tayo sa Mcdo.”


Uy!!! Hello!!!


Yun lang naman yung mga salitang binitawan mo na nakabitin.

Oo nga nakabitin. Hang parang ganun.

Ano ba kasi ibig sabihin nyan?

Siguro may dahilan ka.

Pero bakit ganun?

Nasasaktan ako kasi gusto ko malaman yung sagot.

Pwede bang sabihin mo na?

If tama yung feeling ko, sabihin mo na.

Naniniwala naman ako sa tamang panahon e.

Pero sana seryosohin mo naman yung mga sagot.

Kung meron kahit past na, pakisabi naman para mapanatag na ko.

Yung mga sweetums mo kasi, yung concern, iba sa mga ordinary friends.

Napapaasa ako? Oo. Kasi alam mong may gusto ako sayo.

Napaamin ako nang wala sa oras dahil sa sobrang di ko mahold tong feelings ko.

Nagbabakasakali ring magsshare ka. Kung wala naman, sabihin mo naman.

Okay lang kung masakit yung salita atleast diba..

Magkakatuldok sa feelings ko.

Para okay na puso ko, stable na ulit.

If maghihintayan naman tayo, okay lang sakin.

Ano pa ba papatunayan ko?

Nagcollege na tayo, nag-aral ako sa boys school (tho coed now) pero ikaw pa rin ang naaalala ko sa huli.

Oo, marami ako naging crush.

Kaso puro pacute na crush lang yun.

Iba pa din yung sayo e.

Bakit ganun. Hayy!

Hey, I don’t beg you to have feelings for me.

Gusto ko lang malaman if nagkafeelings ka din sakin nung hs tayo.

Bakit tuwing may good news ka lang, nakikipag-usap?

Nakakaewan din pala yung pag nagchat ako, seen mo lang. 😦

Sana di kna lang nag-oonline.

Okay lang naman sakin yung friendship natin.

Masaya ako actually.

We talked about maturity, real life.

Isa nga yun actually sa bagay na napapaasa ako e.

Kasi sobrang real world na. Sign ba yun? Lol.


Basta please. If ever naman.

Okay lang mag-open up ka sakin ng personal thoughts.

Sorry ha.

Siguro di lang ako sanay sa pagkamisteryoso mo.

Whatever your interpretation in this message,

I’ll be so understanding to whatever you will say.

Thank you and sorry.


Di ko to ginagawa para sa kung ano-anong bagay,

para sa ikakatahimik lang ng puso’t isip ko.

Ngayon ko lang kasi to naexperience,

di kaya ng kahit anong libro o dictionary kahit pa ng net

na masagot lahat ng tanong ko e.

Sorry kulit ko. Haha.




Ayun, thank you ulit at pasensya na. ^^v

– zsgnap

Good news on Hydro


 Manila Bulletin

August 19, 2014


Water is the most abundant element in the  universe. Aside from its being solvent, it is like  a soul in the body of every human being here on earth.

Congratulations to Maynilad for achieving this award! The officials and workers are in with the customers for they are doing their services well. They strictly assure the cleanliness, orderliness and safety of every head where the water service of Maynilad flows.

This is a good deed of promoting and ensuring the most important thing we need as human being. 🙂

Let’s keep this up! 🙂

Exploring Lake Sebu

To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.”

– Terry Tempest Williams, testimony before the Senate Subcommittee on Forest & Public Lands Management regarding the Utah Public Lands Management Act of 1995. Washington, D.C. July 13, 1995.

Wildness – a quality of interactive processing between organism and nature where the realities of base natures are met, allowing the construction of durable systems.

Daddy Earth


Hello Buddies! 🙂

Another season of awareness and reflection came……

Daddy Earth’s with us now for another topic about our environment…


Hmmmm… Have you heard about the wetlands?


Well, yes, it’s something new, right?

Indeed, it’s something new in our ears and brain but not in the world.


Alright.. To introduce wetlands to you guys… Here it goes…


According to the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance or RAMSAR Convention,

wetlands are areas of marsh, fen, peatland or water, whether natural or artificial, permanent or temporary, with water that is static or flowing, fresh,  brackish or salt, including areas of marine water the depth of which at low tide does not exceed six metres. (Article 1.1). 


To imply its importance in this discussion, here’s its significance…..

Wetlands are part of our natural wealth and have been critical to the development and survival of human communities.  The advancing technological skills of human communities may seem to have supplanted the role of Nature, but recent environment catastrophes – floods, landslides, storms, many with their roots in unsustainable land use practices – suggest otherwise.


To get your attention and interest… Wetlands are not just a concept of environment…

It’s real. In fact, Philippines has those.


One of the wetlands in the Philippines that we are taking care and proud of is the Lake Sebu. 



Lake Sebu


Lake Sebu is located in the region of SOCCSKSARGEN or Region XII (Central Mindanao).  

Lake Sebu is a beautiful inland sea on the island of Mindanao, the most Southern Island of the Philippines. This lake is located in the southern Tiruray Highlands at an altitude of almost 300m (984ft). Lake Sebu is surrounded by rolling hills and forested mountains. The area of Lake Sebu is recognized as the T’boli and Ubo ancestral domain.

Lake Sebu is one of the water bodies that provide irrigation water for rice lands throughout the provinces of South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat.

It is recognized as one of the most important watershed areas in the country.

It is a 92,450 hectares landscape. More than one half of the land around the lake is cultivated for agriculture

The entire region or area has different ecological factors aside from the Lake Sebu itsef such as many small streams, creeks, rivers, and springs. 


To further assure if this wetland is protected.. Here are the laws securing the protection of Lake Sebu…



Allah Valley Watershed Forest Reserve (WFR) (general name) was proclaimed as a Protected Landscape last 24th of September 1985. The purpose of the proclamation was primarily to protect the area from further degradation. The involved locations of this WFR are Isulan, Banga, Surallah, Kiamba, and South Cotabato.



Within the Allah Valley WFR is the Lake Sebu Watershed Forest Reserve. Lake Sebu WFR was proclaimed as a Protected Landscape last 4th of August 1966 with 9,900 hectares. The involved areas are T’boli and Banga, South Cotabato.


These laws are really precise and strong as it takes for almost 29 years (the Proc. 2455) and 48 years (the Proc. 65). Hoping that the government officials are still working on these nowadays. 

These protection will not be published just to protect the wetland itself but to protect and preserve also those living or nonliving creatures or organisms in it. 

Aside from the human presence in the area, wildlife’s protection is also a goal. This area has communities of birds such as Philippine cockatoos, swallows, kingfishers, kites, herons, and egrets that  have made their permanent homes in the area. Philippine deer and wild pig are still seen but considered as endangered. So more likely, these creatures stay in this area only or mostly. 


To protect this resource and for the easily adaptation of the wildlife creatures, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources is undergoing reforestation in open lands and grasslands within the protected area. A bamboo plantation was also established in the southeastern portion of the watershed. Other conservation efforts are being explored involving all members of the communities within the area so that sustained development can continue without undue damage to Lake Sebu. In this way, there will be no harms between/for the people, wetlands, animals and plants 


After all the research I made,  I can say that all wetlands are the same. They are all made and protected for one purpose: to protect and nourish the creatures in and surrounding it and wetland itself for the needs of the living creatures and the nature as well. Wetland area is significant for it is a best resource of the needs of the people and the best area that no one can ever harm and destroy environment. 

To conclude this, wetland environments must be protected for the benefits of all living creatures in this world. Those should be protected also to preserve or maintain the beauty and life of nature. These are the areas that keep the earth clean, green and alive. 😉 


To achieve this goals, I know that people should take steps… First thing is that human being must be a disciplined and concerned citizen. Secondly, including I, we must practice throwing garbage to its proper bin not in the lakes or rivers or just everywhere. Next is we should avoid exposing chemicals in our environment and lastly, we should love our environment more than the technological gadgets that can’t feed us nor give us life. 


Let’s all focus more and have heart for the environment that we or our life depends on. 🙂



OMG: Oh my Generosity… of Earth!

“Our personal consumer choices have ecological, social and spiritual consequences. It is time to re-examine some of our deeply held notions that underline our lifestyles.”

~ David Suzuki



Hi friends! 🙂

Who’s with me? Who’s excited to join in the journey for today? Oh, look! Who’s that friend waving to us?

Well… Hello there! Happy Planet is with us. Happy Planet is Earth. Say hello! And “Hi naman daw!” 😀

In the picture above, we can see the greatness of earth due also to it’s being a living planet than other planets. Earth is a living planet for it is the only planet with living creatures.

What’s the connection? Well, to inform you guys…. Happy planet or happy earth is not just like a human who feels happy without any reason, appreciation or gratitude. That happiness spreads to generosity because of its great love to its users, the human beings and other organisms in it.

Is it cool? Or does it confuses you? Well.. We’re actually talking to that generosity trait of the earth or our nature.

This generosity trait of the earth is somehow related to the ecological footprint.

What is Ecological Footprint? Why is it has something to do with the generosity of earth?

These queries may be present in your mind as you read this and to inform you….

Ecological footprint according to wikipedia… The ecological footprint is a measure of human demand on the Earth’s ecosystems. It is a standardized measure of demand for natural capital that may be contrasted with the planet’s ecological capacity to regenerate. It represents the amount of biologically productive land and sea area necessary to supply the resources a human population consumes, and to assimilate associated waste.

In relation of generosity here, as you go along with the ecological footprint, you will discover that the earth is the one and only major supplier of all the necessities of all the creatures living in the world specifically on earth itself. It’s like earth or nature just give and give; all the things are being made and distributed.

EcoFootprint Calculator Result:


Hey! Are you a concerned citizen of the world? Well, take a look at this result of mine as I tried to calculate my ecofootprint.

The result says that a person like me living an ordinary life with simple things around me needs 2.3 Planet Earths to provide enough resource. On the other hand, I need 4.1 global hectares of the Earth’s productive area to support my lifestyle. This has something to do with my daily routines and expenses.

Lastly, the breakdown of my ecological footprint…. and it is indeed the same as expected… I got the large percentage in the FOOD, (as always.. FOOD topics again) next is in services followed by goods then mobility and shelter.

This result is like really an OMG! Oh my goodness! It’s unbelievable! It is unexpected to have the result like this because I’m just like a normal person living a simple life. My family is not fond of spending too much on whatever is in trend nor for luxuries display. We just buy or consume on the things we need. Well maybe in some point, we spend too much and that is on food. 🙂


Indeed I admit that I really have a bigger demand on foods. Why not? It’s the source of our energy and another token for living. It is important. I could spend many money for food but spending too much is most likely abusing to the highest point and that’s not good. It will have a side effect to the economy and especially to the consumer whether on their wealth or health condition.

With this thing… I realized that every little we get, buy or consume is a loss to the nature. In everything we do, it does affect our beloved nature even it’s unintentional. Well, I was really shocked with the result. Let’s say in the middle level of lifestyle, but mostly going to the first level, then I reached that 2.3 planet earths and 4.1 hectares to provide and support my necessities.

IMAGIIIIINE! :O In just an individual, our present one and only earth’s supplies are not enough! Woah! What more that this planet earth has billions of people…. We are living in a world of SCARCITY.

We reached this point due to imbalance way of living. An unfair system between nature/earth and consumers particularly on human beings. People keep on getting from earth but…. do we actually give the needs of earth?

Well, nowadays, in the modern and technological world, I observe that people don’t much have the attention on the safety and development of our natural resources.

That’s why one day, my dear friend, we will be shocked that our needs increase and the supplies decrease down to the lowest point as in to shortage.

Hey buddy! Come to think of it! Are we going to wait for that to happen? Why not have the TIME FOR ACTION now? Like what Frédéric Debouche, the Seed of Life President said in his blog. I, myself will take this challenge. Well, not a challenge but a responsibility.

All I think for a solution to balance this system is to CONSUME WISELY. From buying up to utilizing a certain thing, I must be wise and fair. If I get something from the nature then I must do a way to give back to it just like taking care of plants or everything that surrounds us.

Oh yea buddy, yes! In one hundred steps for providing our necessities, we need to take at least 1 step in supporting the major supplier, our beloved earth/ nature.

Come on! Take this EcoFootprint quiz as well and have your solutions to not to bring burden but a help to the world. http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/calculators/

For us to inspire in taking care of our nature/earth….let’s put this quote in our mind in everything we do…..

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. Ameridian Proverb


Be like Happy Planet! Be Generous! 🙂

Within and beyond the world….


“Within 10 seconds, a hundred more things have happened than in all the stars, planets and asteroids… in the known universe in your body, and that is called LIFE.” – Paul Hawken, Author, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur

Life is the general term for the existence of everything within or beyond the world. Whether from scientific or religious root, all the things present in and out of this world continuously exist and develop and that’s part of Life. Its partner is the TIME.

Time works and passes by unstoppable and it’s inevitable. It is not the clock that dictates the movement of the time but the rotation of the earth or outside forces in the universe. Time is so precious. That’s why every single smallest time must be valued. Everything that occurs and exists in this world must be given importance.

Giving importance to the nature or environment is the advocacy of many scientists, environmentalists and other concerned people that’s why they want people from different parts of the world to shift their attention from technologies to the environment’s condition. This is the aim of the 11th hour by Leonardo de Caprio. This documentary shows the different causes and effects of human’s work to nature and vice versa. This also has interviews from many experts regarding the environmental issues.

As I’ve watched the documentary/movie, my greatest fear went back in my mind and it really scares me. I had the goosebumps while watching. This fear of mine is death. Well specifically, I’m afraid to die unprepared or immediately due to calamities. I’m afraid also to leave my loved ones in a worst scenario of the world. Seeing our environment little by little destroying breaks my heart.

I’m a nature lover. I appreciate nature and all the things surround me. Though I don’t know lot of things about it, I have a heart for it. That’s why it’s so depressing or disappointing to know that human beings are forgetting the value of our environment. I really felt bad mostly in the part that if we, people don’t make a move in saving/preserving our nature, our beloved mother earth will become the planet, Venus. In this situation, I recalled the documentary I’d watched way back 1st year HS. Our teacher showed us the possible end of generations and that will be 202_’s. I forgot. I remember when I saw that, I really got scared because that future is really like an end. The heat conquers the world. No more land and water forms, no more animals, and no more people can survive anymore. That is so horrifying!

This show is really an eye-opening to the people. I admit it. Indeed it is! Honestly, the whole documentary’s information is new to me but I was shocked and got amazed when I watched the part on the government thing… I got informed that there are acts or laws on environment or nature’s safety like clean air act, clean water act and etc. These acts are really good and are present before but unfortunately were being forgotten nowadays. I hope those will be brought back again and be spread all over the world especially here in the Philippines.

Being a student, I’m now informed of the current situation of our beloved nature. I want to be part of the solution. In relation of the course that I’m taking up now, architecture, I want to explore further about the experts’ opinion or studies on the best designs they are talking about especially when it comes to the structures. I want to learn what I can do to apply architecture in helping the nature/environment. Honestly, I’m kind of lacking of information about the current events. Sometimes, I’m not interested to read or watch news especially on the trending crimes and accidents. Media forgets to check the condition of our surroundings. That’s the only way that could provide me the things that I must and need to know. So far, I’m getting informed about nature’s condition through the film/documentary showing in school and I’m so thankful for that.

 As the movie went by, there are many specific issues relative to the environmental issues that were being discussed especially on the food. Our food is our token to our body for us to be able to think and to move or work.  As mentioned in the documentary, the local foods are being evolved on the environmental matters. Our foods especially those that undergone natural process like the agricultural foods are going in danger due to the chemicals being applied to preserve and grow rapidly. This has been included to the issue because people especially the government are almost focusing on the economics not on the agriculture. It’s like the people just want to get or receive from nature but don’t want to take care of it in return. This is the same to the agriculture. Consumers just want to buy and eat and eat but they don’t want to plant and they don’t want to support the farmers or our agriculture. In order to lessen the problems on the foods and on consuming, I think individuals must be disciplined. Each of us must be contented on what is available and afford by the supplier or parents to be specific. We must support our local production of goods especially the agricultural products because farmers and other agricultural staffs continuously give their love and best efforts to provide consumers the safe and own product of the country. It is indeed more affordable. We can support local production and consumption of foods through advertising and patronizing our own products.

 The world is being created and human beings are the ones who are tasked to take care of it. With this, I say that this film is for all of us human beings as stewards of God’s creations. All of us must watch this and be affected. We are the cause of nature’s pain and destruction. So, if we are very good in destroying, we must be very good also in creating or solving. We are the dominant users of the world so we have the biggest responsibility in maintaining the beauty and vitality of our nature.


In order to know the solutions or prevention to total destruction, people must know the problems, the causes. The significant issue that stocked in my mind is the global warming. We know that this is a broad problem. Global warming exists due to the uncontrollable and unstoppable passage of the heat from the sun to earth since the ozone layer little by little depletes. Well, it’s not yet late to help in stopping the depletion of the ozone layer. People must change. We must change the way we think, the way we work, and the way we live. It is better if we also shift our priorities in taking care of our beloved nature than getting richer and richer but may die anytime due to calamities or if karma goes.

To conclude this reaction, I really want to thank our professor in sharing this film to us. Honestly, I really want to be updated with our environment’s condition but on the same hand, I’m getting to know that nature is in its worst stage. I don’t like to reach that point so starting now; I must work on my advocacy. I will support the organizations that work on environmental affairs. I will be more disciplined especially when it comes to trashes. I’ll start the solution within myself so I have to start clean where I stay or live. I will pick up the trashes on my way. To spread the good work, I’ll influence my friends or classmates. I’ll share everything I’ve learned and realized from the movie and will encourage them to have the same advocacy about nature.

Everyone must remember always these words, “I caused nature’s pain. So for change, I’ll be the solution to its burdens. AKO ANG SIMULA NG PAGBABALIK GANDA AT KASIGLAHAN ng Inang Kalikasan.” 🙂  ❤

Author’s note: “Guys, watch 11th hour and History of the World! All the things in your mind about reality and about our world world will be discussed! Have a heart for our environment and take the advocacy in saving our mother earth! 🙂

Be knowledgeable. Be aware. Be Safe.

Danielle Anne E. Reodica. ❤ 


Meet D! :)

Meet D! :)

“If you believe you can, you might. If you know you can, you will.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Life is full of challenges. One may overcome it but it doesn’t end there. There are many rocks await on people’s way to their success, goals, and going back to the Father.

Fortunately, “D” originally known, Danielle Anne E. Reodica and also known as “Daine” or “Danna” was given the very best gift and blessing from God as she was born in this world. She was given a mission to fulfill God’s will for her and for the people or things surround her.
She believes she can do her mission so she will with the graces and guide of our Heavenly Father. 🙂

Danielle Anne is a simple girl living a simple life with a simple family. She is the eldest and unica hija in the family. She started studying at the age of 4. She graduated preschool from Daughters of St. Dominic School; elementary from Lores Elementary School and high school from Our Lady of Peace School. Danielle is now on tertiary level and on her third year taking up BS in Architecture in Don Bosco Technical College, Mandaluyong City.

Daine humbly speaks her mind. She is a person you can always rely on in times of need. Her bubbly attitude makes her a gal you can easily get along with. Just try to get to know her more and have fun on her crib. 🙂